Michael Kasten

Michael has more than 20 years of progressively responsible experience in the accounting field. He began his career with a Big 4 firm and has spent the last 15 years following his entrepreneurial desires, holding executive positions in a variety of companies in growing industries, including technology, eBusiness, auto sales and finance and social media. Michael is focusing on the the opportunity to assist growing and established companies by utilizing his GAAP expertise from his days at a Big 4 firm, knowledge of systems and process from a fortune 50 Company, and experience as CFO of technology startups to create an accounting services offering ideally suited to small, growing companies.

Michael is available the fourth Thursday of the month from 2:00pm-5:00pm. RSVP for your spot.

Early Stage

Francine Hardaway

Most entrepreneurs have an idea. It then has to become a product. Then it has to become a business and a company. Francine brings products to market by walking entrepreneurs through all those stages including. pricing, finance, and market planning.  Market research and evangelism. Connections to resources. See for a full picture of what she can offer.

Francine is available the third Wednesday of every month from 1:30-4:30pm. RSVP for your spot.

Humberto ValleHumberto Valle

Do you have an idea or stuck trying to grow your business? Humberto specializes in strategic planning, financial modeling, and branding social minded ventures. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies, launching startups and helped lead some to acquisitions. Humberto applies his education and experiences with innovative approaches to common startup hurdles and by challenging others’ creativity into launching or growing any business.

Humberto is available every first and third Friday of the month from 1pm to 4pm. RSVP for your spot.

John Bradley

John L. Bradley

I make dreams come true.

Starting businesses, and teaching entrepreneurs and college students the fundamentals of business and management means I can help solve a myriad of problems.

• Business Development: How the parts work together to produce a profit.
• Career Development: Finding, applying for and landing a career-field position.
• College Teaching: How to find, land and succeed as a college teacher.
• Communication: How to get what you want without creating enemies.
• Financing College: How to graduate without life altering debt.
• Operations: Creating flow through that leaves customers delighted.
• Supervision: How to solve those pesky personnel issues.

John is available Fridays by appointment. RSVP for your spot.

Inventor Mentor

Elia Martinez

Elia Martinez

I help inventors navigate the unpredictable waters of inventing and product development. If you’re new to inventing, you’re going to need a lot of help and resources.

I’ve been through the entire lifecycle of a consumer product. From conception, development, prototypes, intellectual property, focus groups, market research, licensing, and introduction to marketplace.

From concept to execution, I take an experienced approach to product design and development.

Elia is available Thursdays by appointment. RSVP for your spot.

Networking and Security

Networking and Security Mentor Ryan ChapmanRyan Chapman

Cyber crime is a growing business that threatens to tarnish the sanctity of personal privacy. Have you ever wondered if your wireless network is secure? Have you ever wondered if your Web presence can withstand the brunt of a full-fledged attack by a skilled attacker? Understanding your personal and/or business security posture is key to preventing cyber theft and intrusion.

Ryan has more than 10 years in IT industry, five of which he spent in a technical training capacity. He holds a BS in Computer Networking/Security and a Master’s in Information Assurance/E-Security. He works as a network security analyst, and enjoys sharing the knowledge he has acquired over the years. He is a certified incident handler, spends his free time examining the many layers of security, and enjoys security-related challenges.
Ryan is available for mentoring on the first Friday of the month from 12pm-4pm for thirty-minute sessions. RSVP for your spot.

Public-Speaking and Storytelling

Sean Buvala

Sean Buvala

Twenty-six years as a professional storyteller pays off when you need to talk to people about important things and Sean loves to teach this skill to others.

He’s written books, training manuals and blogs for biz and parenting, built an authority website older than Google, taught workshops, presented keynotes and done private coaching all over the U.S and Canada.

While he’s worked with some Fortune 500 companies, he focuses mostly on teaching and training in the small-business world. Sean focuses primarily on public-speaking skills, presentation skills and business or nonprofit storytelling development. Start with a boatload of resources at : or Twitter @storyteller.

Sean is available the first and third Fridays of the month between 10:00am and 12 Noon for thirty-minute sessions. RSVP for your spot.

Web Development

Dharma Kelleher

Dharma Kelleher

People judge companies by the quality, professionalism and ease of use of their websites. An attractive, well-developed site that tells a compelling story will convert visitors to customers. A poorly-designed site that is difficult to navigate will send potential business to the competition.

Dharma has been developing websites for more than a decade and specializes in creating custom themes for WordPress sites. She programs in a number of languages including HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript.
She is available for mentoring on the second Friday of the month from 1pm – 5pm. RSVP for your spot.