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April 27th – Grow Your Business Through Better Storytelling

How do you speak to your clients, audience and investors? Are you in control of your story or is it happening without you?

Storytelling builds your bottom line and bonds your clients to your work. Yep, it’s become a buzz-word, but “storytelling” is a core skill for growing your business. The more esoteric your work (IT, techies and accountants, we’re talking to you!) the more you need to communicate your mission and results via effective storytelling.

Nope, you don’t need to be a theater major. Let’s pull back the curtain a bit and help you learn the basic why’s and how-to’s of the storytelling skill. You will also discover the type of story you must never tell. You’ll leave this brown-bag with action steps to move your business forward.

Led by Sean Buvala!



April 13th – Gluten-Free Living and Business

For over fifteen years Kara has had a desire to start a catering company. A dream unrealized because she chose to stay at home to raise and educate her daughters. When a diagnosis of Celiac changed her reality, she made a decision: now. If she was going to have to work at keeping gluten out of her life everyday for the rest of her life she though it only fair that gluten gave her something back.

Kara started a gluten free catering company that met the desire of her heart but also allows her to help others with the confusion that comes with a new diagnosis, as well as offer an education to the local community about the effects of gluten on our health – wheat and gluten intolerant or not.

Learn about Kara’s story, gluten-free living, and how she started her own catering business.


April 6th – On Creativity, Communication, & Collaboration

The Torch Theatre performs and teaches improv comedy and theatre in
central Phoenix and has its approach to improv represented around the
country through festival performances multiple times per year. The
underlying principles of improv help boost our creativity,
communication, and collaboration skills on stage, in our business, and
in life. We’re excited to share these ideas at this Gangplank Avondale


March 16th - Asking The Right Questions

Test-writing expert Ben Chatterton will talk about how to write questions for a large audience—whether it’s for surveys, social media engagement, or testing for
hiring purposes.

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March 9thIntellectual Property Law & Patents

Come join us for a discussion with Chuck Runyan, an intellectual property lawyer, who will speak on the changing patent laws, trademarks, copyrights, trade secret litigation and licensing, and internet and domain name law. Q&A to follow the discussion.
This should be a an informative discussion that will help all of you inventors and innovators out there who want to learn about the legalities of the process!

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